"Live or die, I’ll make a million." — Reebus Kneebus, before his jump to the center of the earth, Firesign Theater 

It’s currently a problem of access to gigabits through punybaud. — J. C. R. Licklider 

We decided it was night again, so we camped for twenty minutes and drank another six beers at a Young Life campsite. O.C. got into the supervisory adult’s sleeping bag and ran around in it. “This is the judgment day and I’m a terrifying apparition,” he screamed. Then the heat made O.C. ralph in the bag. — The Utterly Monstrous, Mind-Roasting Summer of O.C. and Stiggs, National Lampoon, October 1982 

Delta: A real man lands where he wants to. — David Letterman 

You can observe a lot just by watching. — Yogi Berra